FreeStyle CoPilot Health Management System

Use your PC to track your numbers and easily spot trends and patterns

With FreeStyle CoPilot software you can easily upload data from your compatible meter and review all your key information, test results and trends. This user-friendly, PC-based software provides users with graphs and other tools that can support effective diabetes management. Compatible meters include the FreeStyle Lite, FreeStyle Freedom Lite, FreeStyle Flash, FreeStyle Freedom, Precision Xtra, Optium and OptiumEZ systems.

FreeStyle CoPilot System
FreeStyle CoPilot Screen
Compatible Glucose Meter

No matter how you look at it

  • Provides easy access to data
  • Generates multiple reports to spot trends and patterns
  • Quick print, email and fax features
  • Share data remotely

Get informative reports
at a glance.


The FreeStyle CoPilot Health Management System provides 14 reports, including a Two-Week Glucose Summary Report, Glucose Modal Day, Two-Week Glucose Summary Report with Log book, and more.


See Report:


FreeStyle CoPilot Health Management System

Owner’s Guide

Learning to use the FreeStyle CoPilot Health Management System is easy. When you download the system, you’ll receive complete, simple to follow product information so you can quickly begin using your software with confidence.


System Requirements

Access FreeStyle CoPilot System using

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP
  • The FreeStyle CoPilot Health Management System does not run on Apple computers
  • USB port and cable or RS-232 Serial port and cable

Note: Install FreeStyle CoPilot System 4.2.1 before installing FreeStyle CoPilot SSL Plug-in


Frequently Asked Questions

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What reports are available with the FreeStyle CoPilot system?
How can data be entered into the FreeStyle CoPilot Health Management System?
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