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What is the FreeStyle Libre system?

The more insight patients have into their glucose levels and patterns, the more opportunities you’ll have to help them manage and control their diabetes.

Compared to traditional blood glucose monitoring which collects glucose data points in time, the FreeStyle Libre system continuously measures glucose levels day and night which can help you glean deeper insights into glucose patterns.

FreeStyle Libre Reader

Compact and lightweight
Shows the current glucose value, trend arrow, and 8 hours of glucose history
Backlit color touch screen
Stores 90 days of glucose data

See the
FreeStyle Libre
sensor overview

FreeStyle Libre Sensor

No patient calibration required
Designed to stay on the body for up to 10 days
Easy1 to wear due to it’s small size
Painless1 sensor application
Continuously measures glucose every 60 seconds, and stores readings every 15 minutes

See the
FreeStyle Libre
reader overview

Real-time glucose readings with a painless1 scan

Order Guide

FreeStyle Libre Reader Box
FreeStyle Libre Reader (1 Reader to get started)
NDC Number 57599000021
Amerisource Bergen ABC 8: 10182541
ABC 6: 706986
Cardinal 5404124
McKesson 3734076
FreeStyle Libre Sensor Box
FreeStyle Libre Sensor (3 sensors for a 30-day supply)
NDC Number 57599000019
Amerisource Bergen ABC 8: 10182362
ABC 6: 705723
Cardinal 5404116
McKesson 3734019

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Filling the Rx

  1. Patients will require a FreeStyle Libre reader to use the FreeStyle Libre sensors. First time customers will always need a reader with their first order of sensors.
  2. Each sensor has a wear time of up to 10 days. A typical month should consist of 3 sensors per month (up to 30 days).
  3. FreeStyle Libre sensors are disposable and will typically need refills monthly, while FreeStyle Libre readers have a mean use life of three years and a one year warranty.


Introducing the
FreeStyle Libre system

Introducing the FreeStyle Libre system

Patient Wear Instructions Brochure

FreeStyle Libre patient wear instructions brochure

Freestyle Libre
User’s Manual

FreeStyle Libre user’s manual

Freestyle Libre
Quick Start Guide

FreeStyle Libre quick start guide

FreeStyle Libre
Quick Reference Guide

FreeStyle Libre quick reference guide

FreeStyle Libre
In-Service Guide

FreeStyle Libre in-service guide

FreeStyle Libre
Interactive Tutorial

FreeStyle Libre interactive tutorial

For a complete guide to using the FreeStyle Libre system, please refer to the FreeStyle Libre User's Manual.


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